Binta P

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I have been to several dentists in the past 10 years and everytime, I have walked out of the office in pain and a limited level of comfort in the work that had been done. With Dr. Sheth, my teeth were examined and I was clearly explained all issues, the options I had, and what I could do to take preventitive measures. Prior to my visit, I had a major issue with a tooth on the left side of my mouth that was prohibiting me from chewing on that side for over 5+ months. Another dentist told me I needed a porcelain onlay but had not tested for hot/cold sensitivity before making this judgement call. Dr. Bhairavi Sheth clearly explained to me that I had decay and a cavity and that she took the steps required to clean it out and refill the tooth. She suggested we wait a week prior to completing the onlay to ensure there was no nerve damage, which, in my opinion, is an extremely sensible thing to do! I literally have no sensitivity AND I can chew on the left side of my mouth! The day the work was done, I had minimal pain (less than 2 hours of soreness but that was it). The work the dentist did was thorough and precise and the bedside manner demostrated is unbeatable.